a letter from the
SASB Board

Dear Music Lover,

We are truly honored to have the opportunity to play for you with some of the finest community musicians in San Antonio.
Under the direction of Mr. Alfred Tapia, we have been challeneds with exciting, fun musical arrangements that we
delight in sharing with fellow community members.
As you know, the San Antonio Symphonic Band operates solely on donations and volunteering from thecommunity.
Many of these costs include the purchase of new music, rentals of musical venues, and thepurchase and transportation of equipment.
Out major goals for the next musical season include expanding our musical outreach to different parts of the community
and ensuring the vitality and stability of our organizationfor years to come.
We greatly value your support, and respoectfully request you support for our upcoming season.
Your tax-deductible donation is an essential part of our succes! Several different levels of support are available,
and we will happilly recognize your generousity in our concert programs.
We thank you for your support, and look forward to performing great music for you in the upcoming season!

Sincerely, The SASB Board of Directors

Joshua Cavazos, President

Manuel Corales, Vice President

Matthew Tovey, Treasurer

Melvina Turner, Secretary

Dave Theis, Member

The six levels of contribution are:

Maestro * * * * * * * $1000 or more
Conductor’s Club * * $500 - $999
Top Brass * * * * * * $250 - $499
Major Chord * * * * * $100 - $249
Minor Chord * * * * * $25 - $99
Accents * * * * * * * $1 - $25