a letter from the
SASB Board President

Dear Patron of the Arts,

As a performing member of the San Antonio Symphonic Band, I am honored to be a part of an organization that has given my fellow band members and me the opportunity to perform for you.
Just a few weeks ago, we welcomed back our members who volunteer their time and talents to this wonderful community organization.
We are excited to announce that Alfred Tapia will be returning as our music director for another season.

Preparing a concert requires a multitude of resources.
New music has to be purchased and passed out. Musicians practice individually and in concert with the ensemble.
Renting a venue and arranging for the moving of equipment to the venue incur costs.
Thanks to contributions made last year’s the San Antonio Symphonic Band is proud to announce its 2016-2017 concert season.

However, we can’t do this without your help as a valuable supporter of the band.
I am respectfully requesting you to support the San Antonio Symphonic Band’s 2016-2017 Season.
Your tax-deductible donation will help to fulfill our mission of bringing the joy of music through performances to a wide audience.
As a supporter of our organization your name will be recognized in our concert program.

The six levels of contribution are:

Maestro * * * * * * * $1000 or more
Conductor’s Club * * $500 or More
Top Brass * * * * * * $250 - $499
Major Chord * * * * * $100 - $249
Minor Chord * * * * * $25 - $99
Accents * * * * * * * $1 - $25

I, on behalf of the San Antonio Symphonic Band, thank you for your support and I look forward to performing for you this season!
Thank you,

Shirley Gauthier
Board President
San Antonio Symphonic Band